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Sherwood S2000II

Sherwood made a good tuner but this unit has had some problems over the years.

Power supply caps shorted once and Sherwood used .1 bypass caps everywhere on the B+ line and as the unit ages they tend to short and end up being a pain to find.

Am section is one of the finest and the FM section is very sensitive and stable but it's not as bright as other good FM tuners. The off station muting is a very nice feature with variable sensitivity.

Like the Knight KF -75 the AFC function is excellent on this tuner.

I've used the Mux output to drive my Heathkit Mux adapter and it works quite well.

Only thing I've ran into is there are 3 different revisions of this tuner.

Mine must be the final revision because I've got schematics for the first and second rev's and they don't totally match this unit.  Sherwood changed the tube compliment over the production run and they built the S2000 for several years.