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Scott 800B

Found by my wife over 25 years ago at the Treasure Mart this unit is a beautiful example of

Made in the USA.

Date code's show this unit was built around May of 1947.

Paperwork included the original book and Station tags and a letter from a music store in Kansas City where this unit was exchanged for an earlier unit under warranty

When we got the Scott it was in a very large wooden cabinet. Sad to say the cabinet had been neglected and was in such bad shape that it simply could not be saved and it's size was another problem. The original Jensen Speaker had also turned to dust.

So there was little choice but to scrap the cabinet.

After scraping the cabinet I placed the unit in a modern Glass rack and back in the 80's I went thru the unit and had it playing like a champ.

I played it rarely but time took it's toll and earlier this year I knew it was due for another work over and a good cleaning.

These units are exceptional AM and FM tuners and the audio is truly HiFi.

The pre RIAA phono section is perfect for 78's.


Reciever Chassis

Reciever side view


Notice the tuning eyes mounting.

Rear of Reciever

These are the preset stop adjustments for the motor driven tuner.


Reciever other side

This view shows the FM Tuner sections

Inputs for TV and Phono

Tag with serial number

Receiver bottom view with cover off

Receiver bottom view

Notice the FM IF transformer being Chrome plated even though its inside the chassis.

Reciever inside

Rear view.

Reciever inside front

Notice the Tuner drive motor center left

Tuner top side after cleanup

Looking better

Even being in a case didn't keep the unit from getting dull over time.

Face during cleanup

Front controls

Looks like a mirror

Another view of the FM side

Still cleaning

Tuner done and sitting on Murasound speaker

Rear view

Cleaned up.

I don't think it ever looked this good.

Power supply / Amp

Now for the hard part

Chrome peeling

The FM IF cans are prone to this. The Stancore output transformer and Chokes are Silver Plated.

Tubes back in and powered up

Now to check all the caps.

6L6 up close

Twin 5Y3's in the distance.


New tuning eye tubes.

Look close can you see the grid's

Scott Manuals.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5