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Knight KF-75

I've owned this since the mid 70's.

In all the years I have owned it I have never found any info on this unit.

I seen one other unit sell on ebay but it was an earlier Am / Fm mono unit and this one is Fm Stereo with built in Mux.

Everything I've had to do seat of the pants since not having any schematic.

It' looks as though it was designed in Germany, and date codes place it spring of 1961.

Tuner is sensitive, stable and has a very good stereo section.

AFC capture so good you can turn it on and rock the tuner and it holds station perfect.

I've listened to this tuner for years and it's very good, and ends up being the one I listen to more than any other simply because it delivers stereo as good as anything modern today.

Chassis View

Notice tuner front left, If strip middle and mux rear right.

Opening for AM tuner board

Tuner and flywheel

Mux Board

Dial with Tuning Eye

Tuning eye up close