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Bertagni BES D120 Speakers.

After major work these turned out to be one of the best sounding speakers sets I've ever owned.

There claim was lower distortion and it's true.

There presence and clarity is very impressive.

Set up right they really sound great.

Bertagni BES D120's

I picked these up on Ebay for 40 dollars locally.

They were in pretty bad shape and missing there bases.

On first hook up one actually played and the other one just made grunting noizes.

Rear view

BES used Styrofoam as the basis for there speakers.

4 way speaker

This is the upper part of the D120.

At the far top is a magnet for the upper midrange and the center section is crossed over to be a midrange/mid bass and at the top right here in the photo is tweeter.

Lower section

Lower section is purely functions as a woofer and the crossover for this driver has a very large inductor.

Magnet Removed

Magnet removed and voice coil exposed. Luckly the voice coil was not damaged.

One of them had been droped on it's corner and twisted the frame.

After carefuly getting the frame back square I was able to reinstal the magnets.

Voice Coil up close

Notice the coil connections and the large amout of glue used to bond the coil to the styrofoam driver.

Woofer alighnment

Notice the shape of the actual driver.

Magnet's back in

After very careful work the speaker plays again.

New Bases

After getting them back to playing I made new bases and attached them. The unit on the left is missing the foam so you can see what the front of the drivers look like.

The clean speaker up close

They actually turn out to be a very nice looking speaker.

Rear view.

Here you can see the rear of the speaker with the foam off.

There actually open on both sides and are intended to be played set out from a wall.

Front of driver

The front is flat and I had to be very very careful when removing what was left of the original foam covers.

Hours of careful scraping with a plastic scraper.

Side View

Less than 4 inches thick.

Ugly but now playing correctly

How BES did the crossovers.

The caps are directly across the drivers so at high power levels the caps are across the output. Cap failures were very common.

New Foam

After a long search I found the matching grill foam.

Another challenge was to find glue that was safe for styrofoam. I also used this glue for filling a small crack on one driver. Did not affect the sound but cracks must be repaired or the will just grow.